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I used Paul Shimek’s services after having someone total my car. He was very helpful throughout the entire process and was very professional when dealing with the insurance companies. I was able to get a very fair settlement using his services.

“Big help when I needed it!”

– Dan T. (October 6, 2008)

"Paul specializes in just auto accident law...

“…and is the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met in this area. He is a pleasure to work with and he ensures that every T is crossed and every I dotted. I’ve recommended him to several friends and we’ve all had incredible successful experiences with him.”
– Daniel C. (September 19, 2017)

" ... From the first time we met, I felt such a relief from the monumental efforts I felt would have been required to maneuver the insurance system...

“He took over all responsibility for communicating with the insurance company, for handling the mathematical equations and legal and financial negotiations, and for follow-up communications which will continue even after receipt of the final settlement due to related government regulations.

“I’m sincerely impressed with his negotiating skill, legal expertise, ability to elicit numerous details from involved parties, his uncanny sense of how and when to make use of those innumerable details in negotiating the settlement, and his calm, always pleasant, self-assured, and re-assuring manner.

” … The fact that this is the only kind of lawsuit he handles keeps his energy concentrated in this area and assures that he keeps up-to-date with related legal and government regulations.

“Perhaps most important throughout this process has been the trust he has inspired in me by reporting, in a timely and organized way, each step of the legal process along the way and, even more important, the strong sense of integrity and reliability he projects … “
-Dianna E. (May 16, 2013)

"Paul basically does one thing, and I know nobody who does it better...

“I handle a number of cases in this area, and if I get stuck I will often pick up the phone and get Paul’s take on the issue that is giving me trouble. Invariably Paul will give great advice based on his many years of experience in this area. If you have a car wreck case you will not go wrong by going to Paul, and if you are looking to refer such a case to an attorney who will take great care of the case and the client, Paul should be the first lawyer you think of.”
– Kenneth C. (Attorney) (July 28, 2015)

"In March of this year when I was involved in an automobile accident in which I felt like I was a target on I-75, you came to my rescue with expert advice, help and a solution...

“I really appreciate your extensive knowledge on how you handled my automobile accident, how you dealt with the at-fault insurance com­pany, and how you obtained a fair settlement for me. You handled everything in a professional and speedy manner with limited delays. You taught me about dimin­ished valuation of my automobile and took care of this issue with the insurance company obtaining a fair amount for the damage to my new automobile.

“You took time to make sure we understood what was to take place assuring us that you would take care of everything, and you did just that. We did not have to worry about any of these issues because you were there to do the hard work for us. Thank you for your knowledge and expertise in dealing with the medical profes­sionals and the insurance companies.

“Paul, you are one of the best personal injury attorneys that I know, and I will not hesitate to refer other accident victims to you.”
-Diane S. (August 19, 2012)

"Paul has been in personal injury law specializing in motor vehicle collisions for over 30 years...

“Paul is a great advocate for those injured by drunk and distracted drivers. I feel confident that every time I refer to Paul, they will benefit from his experience, expertise and caring.”
– Jack T. (April 13, 2018)

"When I got rear ended in one Atlanta's ice storms, I got an introduction to the wonderful world of insurance adjusters...

“I was amazed at how crafty their agents were both on the phone and in person. Luckily, I had spoken to you before speaking with them and you had warned me about the tactics they would use to try to minimize their obligation to both me and their clients.

“I wish everyone knew you, Paul … Having you work through this case with me was very comforting. It’s one thing to listen to what Uncle Moe says or the court shows on TV and try to handle these cases on one’s own. It’s quite another when a professional expert in the field goes to work for you.

“In my specific case, the insurance company’s adjusters tried to shirk their responsibilities in regards to treatment for injuries I incurred in the accident. Your knowledge of the law and assertiveness pushed them into finally accepting accountability for their bills – and eventually into making the proper payment, covering all of the incurred expenses.

“Thank you for your help, Paul. Had I had to pay those bills out of my pocket, it would have created a heavy hardship for my family. You made sure I got the help I needed and that it got paid for.”
-Dave G. (July 28, 2011)

"Very professional, excellent attorney."

– Christopher B.

"Thank you so very much for settling the matter of damage to my vehicle as a result of a hit-and-run incident involving an alleged drunk driver last November...

“When Cincinnati Insurance decided to pay only for repair costs without regard to compensation for the repugnant actions of their insured, you carefully explained what my rights were as a claimant and that punitive damages could be easily sought. I really appreciate the time that you took to explain the laws governing personal injury in a manner that is logical and easy for a lay person to understand.

“Dealing with an insurance company would be an intimidating process if it were not for your ability to take the matter completely off of my hands. You also did a great job of giving me regular updates as to the progress of the settlement, and you recovered over 5 times what was originally offered.

“I will enthusiastically refer you to anyone I know that finds themselves in a similar situation.”
-Rick Y. (April 13, 2011)

"Words cannot express my gratitude for the help you provided reaching a settle­ment with Auto Owners Insurance...

“When my son’s car was badly damaged in a recent accident ( that was not his fault), I didn’t think you would be able to help me since my son was not injured. Boy was I wrong.

“Your persistence and knowledge helped move us through this process quickly. The first offer we received was almost half of what you were able to negotiate in the final settlement. Of course, I believe the figure you negotiated was the fair amount, but I never could have attained that kind of settlement without your help. In fact, before you got involved, this claim had been languishing for three weeks at the insurance company with no movement. With your first call and letter, things started happening. You are worth every penny.

“I can recommend the Law Office of Paul Shimek without reservation. If there is personal damage, or personal injury, you are the one I will call to make sure my claim is handled in the manner it deserves. Thanks again!”
-Ann M. (June 16, 2010)

"I want to personally thank you for the personalized care you gave my daughter while representing her against the two insurance companies involved in her auto­mobile accident...

“I find it very refreshing to associate with an attorney having your morals and eth­ics. I always felt that you were working towards an equitable settlement that was fair and just. I found that your expertise in what we could claim was excellent and helped my daughter recover for actual damages incurred. The fact that you have been helping represent people in negotiating a fair settlement for 14 years was ap­parent. You took the time to explain to us what the protocol was for negotiating a settlement and when you could actually start the negotiating process with the insur­ance companies. It was interesting to learn that there was an additional value of the further depreciation on her vehicle event though it was repaired.

“When the time came for negotiation it was a relatively short time until my daugh­ter was able to get a decent settlement and get back to her life. The settlement al­lowed for her to pay all of her expenses incurred from the collision and gave her some additional compensation, which will help her in acquiring a new vehicle.

“Paul, you are one of the best at your job. I will not have any hesitation in referring anyone, that walks into my office or that I know, to you for assistance in any per­sonal injury matter.”
-Barry R. (September 14, 2002)

"...Organized and thorough to the point of OCD...

“Never have I had a client who had a question that he had not answered before they had to ask him. …he is amazing. Best part he WILL TALK to you.”
– Austin

"He does a great job...

“Free initial consultation. Takes pictures of your car, files diminished value, handles PI claim and insurance subrogation claim after settlement. All important parts of the process that few people talk about.”
– Cheryl R.


by Oct 13, 2017


Paul Shimek has a proven track record of success

Here are some of the many recoveries obtained for his clients over the years. Please note that outcomes depend on a variety of factors unique to each case, and the following results do not guarantee or predict a similar recovery in any future case.


Client sustained fractured ankle, tibia and fibula of her right leg, in a two-car collision caused by a driver turning left in front of her without yielding.


Motorcycle collision resulting in fractured ankle and sternum when a car failed to yield right-of-way at an intersection.


Three-car rear-end collision resulting in low back injury and right rotator cuff tear.


Intersection collision resulting in closed fracture of the radius and ulna of client’s left hand.


Underinsured motorist ran redlight and client suffered neck injury.   


Client sustained open fractures of radius shaft, distal end, and ulna in her right hand caused by a driver failing to yield.


Rear-end collision resulting in lumbar herniated disk.


Uninsured motorist rear-ended client at high speed resulting in neck injury and rotator cuff tear in her right shoulder.


Client was passenger in a car T-boned by a driver who ran a red light. She suffered a concussion and closed fractures of several ribs.


Rear-end collision resulting in neck and back sprain and $20,450 in medial expenses.


Pedestrian client struck by car in parking lot. The collision was caught on a video surveillance camera. Client sustained closed fracture of distal forearm and ulna of her left wrist.  


T-bone collision caused by driver running a stop sign. Client suffered a left rotator cuff tear.

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Read Additional Results

Client sustained fracture of a metatarsal bone in her right foot. At-fault driver had failed to yield right-of-way.

Client sustained soft tissue neck and back injury caused by a driver who failed to maintain lane. She was offered only $1,000.00 by the liability insurance company to settle the claim before hiring Paul Shimek.

Rear-end collision by a drunk driver. Client incurred $2,600 in chiropractic treatment and $1,400 in property damage.

Client suffered a compression fracture in the thoracic spine when his car was struck by a driver who failed to yield.

Client was passenger in a collision caused by a drunk driver making an improper left turn from the wrong lane. He sustained a sprained left ankle, and medical expenses were under $7,500.

Driver ran over client’s right foot as she attempted to cross the road in front of the car at a stop sign. Client suffered abrasions, bruises, and ulcerations of her foot. Police initially determined that the driver had the right-of-way until presented with the law on “unmarked crosswalks”.

Underinsured motorist ran red light, and client sustained neck injury.

Rear-end collision resulting in cervical strain.

Hit-and-run driver failed to yield, causing client’s neck injury and $6,300 in medical expenses.

Client suffered neck and knee injury in a collision caused by a driver who failed to yield while turning left in an intersection.

Client was passenger in a car that was struck by another car that failed to maintain lane. She sustained neck and low back strain, and chest contusion from the air bag.

Underinsured motorist ran red light and collided into client’s car, causing it to run off the road, hit a tree, and burst into flames. Client sustained right knee laceration and chest wall abrasion.

Client was passenger in a car that was T-boned by a driver who ran a red light. He suffered chest contusion and two fractured ribs.

Rear-end collision resulting in neck sprain and $2,800 in medical expenses.

Client was passenger in a rear-end collision resulting in soft tissue injury to her neck and back.

Multiple car collision caused by driver failing to yield. Client sustained contusion to foot and scalp, as well as cervical and thoracic soft tissue injury.

13-year old pedestrian client sustained minor injuries after being knocked down by a driver making a U-turn in a cul-de-sac. His medical expenses were under $4,000.00.